Watch Out for These 5 Drain Problems

Drain problems are some of the most common issues you deal with as a homeowner. The key to keeping any drain issue from getting out of hand is knowing the early warning signs of a problem. So here are the 5 key things you need to look for.

1: Slow Drains

Does the sink in your bathroom or kitchen fill up and drain slowly? Are you standing ankle deep in water when taking a shower? If so, this is an early warning sign of a clog. While the drain may still be transporting water, it’s doing so at a much slower rate, indicating buildup in the pipe.

2: Recurring Clogs

Do you have clogs that keep coming back, no matter what you do? Recurring clogs can be a sign that you’re not fully clearing the clog each time, or that the issue requires more than basic DIY techniques.

3. Multiple Clogged Drains

A clogged sink here and there is generally no cause for concern. But if you experience multiple clogged drains at once, there may be a bigger underlying issue.

4. Foul Odor

While odors may not be a sign of a clog, they are an indicator of a drainage issue, such as pollutants building up in the drain. Sometimes, this can be fixed with a simple drain cleaning. But it’s best to have a professional plumber diagnose the problem.

5. Water Flooding

One of the worst things you can experience with any clog is a sewage back up. This is where wastewater actually backs up into your home through your sink, tubs, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures. This is a sign of a major plumbing issue that needs immediate attention.

If you experience any of these issues, call Mr. Dan’s for fast, efficient drain service