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Dealing with Blocked Toilets and Clogged Drains?

Do your tub and sink drain slowly, if at all? Are you dealing with a blocked toilet?

Clogged drains and blocked toilets are some of the most common and frustrating problems for homeowners. Culprits such as grease, soaps, food, waste, and hair get washed down our drains and build up over time, making it difficult for water to pass through.

Why does my toilet clog so easily?

You might be surprised to know that older toilets didn’t clog as easily as newer ones. That’s because, in the 1990s, new laws were passed in the name of water conservation that brought “low flow” toilets into production. These days, there are roughly 27 million low flush toilets installed across the country that use about 1.3 gallons per flush, and the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that low flush toilets will save the average household $90 a year in water bills.

Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, these low flush toilets come with a cost. Many first-generation designs struggle to adequately remove solid waste, which often leads to more blocked toilets. So if you have a low flush toilet installed in your home, that could be the reason you’re struggling with blocked toilets.

Need a pro to clear your blocked toilet?

While you can often remove minor clogs yourself with a plunger and a little elbow grease. But major clogs and significantly blocked toilets can require the work of a professional. Our plumbers unclog, and if necessary, replace drains to minimize your drainage problems. Contact the experts at Mr. Dan’s Plumbing today! Fill out the form below or call our office.

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