Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacement

Even if nothing damages your water heater, it is naturally going to wear down after some time. Most heaters can last around 10 to 15 years. Pay attention to any telltale signs your water heater is about to give out.

Cold Water

If you are unable to take a shower with hot water, then your water heater needs to be inspected. This is more significant than just you feeling good in the shower. It also means that no hot water is getting to your washing machine or dishwasher.


Even if your water heater is tucked away, you need to check on it occasionally. The reason is to see if anything has happened to the exterior of the heater. Sometimes leaks will form and a puddle will be present underneath the heater.

Rust-Colored Water

This can be a tricky sign to pinpoint on the water heater. Sometimes rusty water will come out of your faucets due to the pipes being rusted. This is a completely different problem, but either way, you should have someone come out to inspect your plumbing fixtures.

If you notice issues with your unit, water heater replacement should be completed promptly. It is always good to have a plumber come by once in a while to give your plumbing an inspection. For the best plumbers in Alabama, contact Mr. Dan’s Plumbing.