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Why Work in Plumbing?

Why should you consider a career in plumbing? What does this industry offer that others don’t?

One word: Security.

So long as most everyone has plumbing, they will always have a need for plumbers.

Unlike other industries, the basic elements of plumbing remain the same. You won’t be training to learn skills that will become obsolete in a few years. And while there have been many technological advancements in the field, plumbers are not at risk of being replaced by robots.

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Get Paid as You Become a Master

Education is Expensive and because there’s no such thing as a Bachelors degree in Plumbing, it’s up to us to provide you with exceptional training. So instead of asking you to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, we pay you to learn. Read that again. We pay you … to learn. We offer the highest level of training and education in the industry. If we were a university, we’d be the Harvard of plumbing. So when you join the team at Mr. Dan’s Plumbing, you’ll earn while you learn. It’s a pretty heavy cost on our end. But it’s worth the time and expense to train you the right way (aka “The Mr. Dan’s Way”).

Experience (not) Needed

Yes, you read that right. You don’t need plumbing experience. Don’t believe us? We haven’t hired an experienced plumber for several years. But we’d put our crew up against any experienced plumbers in the biz. You’re probably thinking, “Okay, Mr. Dan, if you’re not looking for an experienced employee, what ARE you looking for?”

Good question. Here are three things we look for in someone:

  1. Humility
  2. Drive
  3. Interpersonal communication skills

If you don’t possess these traits, you won’t be a good fit at Mr. Dan’s Plumbing. If you have the humility to admit when you make mistakes, the ambition and dedication to work hard and learn quickly, and if you know how to communicate and play well with others (co-workers, management, AND customers), the learning curve becomes shorter. It also makes for a better work experience for everyone involved.

Our standards are high. That’s why we perform a full background check on every new employee. If you have a criminal history, bad driving record, or anything else that would tarnish your reputation or ours, we’ll know it. Also – you must be willing to submit to random drug tests. This is not only for the safety of our employees and customers … it’s for your safety, too.

Other desirable and hirable traits include…

  • Competency
  • A proper, well-groomed image
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • “Yes sir, yes ma’am” manners
  • A can-do attitude
  • An intense dislike for cutting corners


Why are we so committed to training? Employees who are not highly competent with repair or adequately able to communicate issues to the customer are in danger of incorrectly diagnosing an issue or could easily steer someone in the wrong direction. And when it’s a plumbing problem, an incorrect diagnosis can be devastating. It’s vitally important that our team members can speak intelligently about our products and services so that customers will be well informed. Therefore, training is essential.

Our training is broken down into three categories:

Classroom training – knowledge and material-based learning.
Video training – Technical learning reinforcement
Hands-on training – Ride-alongs with technicians & learning application.

Our team also undergoes technical training that covers topics such as new products, recalls, warranty claims, and updated government-mandated proper code standards.

What We Believe…

  • Customers should never have to talk to a voice message system
  • You work hard to play hard(er)
  • Every employee should have the tools and parts they need with them to get the job done
  • Employees are what make a business operate at its peak, not the boss
  • Every opportunity should be taken to serve the customer
  • To serve the customer like they’re our own grandmother
  • Time should be spent in camaraderie with one another
  • Your time is important because it’s the only true currency we have to spend
  • Integrity is built on trust even if it means losing out on a sale
  • Serving people is about building relationships based on trust and integrity
  • To be a friend is to reach out to others with an unselfish interest
  • To build a profitable and efficient business with each other
  • In honoring God


Enough about us. What’s in it for you? Plenty.

  • Medical
  • Paid vacation
  • Opportunities for advancement through our Leadership Program
  • Top-notch training
  • Job security
  • Work/life balance*
  • A hot breakfast every morning
  • And much more

* “Wait. What do you mean when you say Work/Life Balance?” This can be tricky. It’s a hard job. You may put in more hours than you anticipate. So when we say “work/life balance,” we don’t necessarily mean you will always enjoy what you consider to be adequate personal time. However, we DO mean that, if you are great at what you do, we give you opportunities to provide for a lifestyle that you want to achieve outside of work. Simply put, if you want to play hard, you have to work hard.

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